[Research] Optimising email content and onboarding journeys


(Sarah Hawk) #1

I’ve been reworking our onboarding journey for new members. We want to create a valuable experience by only delivering them content that is directly relevant to their interests, while at the same time learning about their challenges so we can figure out the best way that we can help them.

I’ve been doing some reading about segmenting audiences and refining email messaging accordingly. Most of the reading relates to sales/marketing/conversions, but the rationale is the same regardless of the endgame.

If anyone is thinking of doing the same thing, these articles are really useful:

(Lisa zheng) #2

Thanks Hawk! The readings are very helpful.

(Kelly Vo) #3

Thanks Hawk!!

(Kate Lindemans) #4

Just what I was looking for :slight_smile: ! Thanks a lot @HAWK.