Reputation Signals And Resumés

(Richard Millington) #1

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StackOverflow introduces one of the most impressive new community ideas in a while; technical resumés.

Members can now create a story based upon their score and contributions to the community. This lets the top members stand out and gives employers more information.

Not everyone will use it. Most people don’t have a good enough reputation.

I suspect though as employers see it more and more often they might start requesting it. This is such an incredibly useful (and transferable) idea.

The genius is using a reputation score as an asset which offers members something of even greater value (which is…

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(Steve Bridger) #2

Good spot, @richard_millington. I’ve often thought how useful this sort of thing would be for those who work in ‘professional services’ (for instance), in the context of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Tricky perhaps, as standalone CPD tools already exist, but if a valued contribution (which received ‘likes’, or some other measure) could in effect become a CPD record…possible to export out some kind of ‘personal annual report’ of participation / contribution as a handy one-page PDF - well, this could be extremely valuable if presented at an interview, or if you’re trying to upgrade your professional membership.

To quote from an internal document I read recently, CPD means "updating specialist knowledge and developing new skills and behaviours based on progress within the field and learning and developing through practice."​

Consequently, giving community members a facility to capture points from valued contributions towards their CPD would be a big win. If many people did the same, this could drive behaviour change and be a very positive thing for the ‘profession’ (e.g. accountancy, legal, HR, learning & development, etc.)

(Nick Emmett) #3

Nice article. We use Salesforce’s Community Cloud, which has a Reputation Points and Level feature. People get points based on the Replies, Likes and shares they receive, but also based on the Answers they provide etc. Since our launch we’ve had 4 top performers join the organization, with another one potentially in the works - all were high in reputation points in the Community and recognised for providing a ton of value to our community members. It can definitely be a differentiator for potential new hires.