Remote work – would you choose it?

(Sarah Hawk) #21

I’m curious about this too, because I feel the same way.

And this! My son was sick a couple of days last week and I was flat out with work. If I had to take time off to care for him it would have made things really hard. Working from home meant I could let him curl up and sleep/read on the couch behind me and I didn’t lose any momentum.

(Mark Baldwin) #22

I actually think it’s more the remote aspect of work as I’ve found that just being around people working on other aspects of the business and catching conversations can actually influence the work |I’m doing with the community. I also think there is a degree of not asking or showing interest in what everyone else is working on. Especially in my industry (games development) it’s essential to know what everyone else is doing and the plan going forward.

(Renée Van Holsteijn) #23

I’ve always been working home one day per week. Loved it, because I felt so productive. First had my morning run, then checked my mail while cooling down, and really got started after my shower during breakfast. The mornings I had to go to the office felt inproductive, because I started working so late (did my morning runs on those days as well, but had to hurry to go to the office: quick shower, quick breakfast, no time to check my work relaxed email in between, that would make me arrive at the office even later. The irony.)

The last months of my job I worked remotely almost all of my time. There was this reorganisation, so I lost my job because they got rid of our Digital Innovation team, but hated the “so sad you’re leaving, did you see it coming”-talks at the coffee corner. Still had to get some cool work done: building this big employee community on Workplace.

I let go all of my working hours and just worked goal-based: helping each employee who needed help in joining Workplace. We had a lot of retail colleagues who Don’t have the same 9 to 5 working hours, so most of the help question I got outside of the regular working hours and days. They really appreciated that even after 5 or in weekend I (in their Eyes, some one from HQ with the 9 to 5 hours) responded immediately.

So when you’re managing a community whose members are active even outside of the regular working hours, and if your private life is flexible to do so, I think remote working is the best option!