Reducing waste at a large company

(Jess Burnham) #1

Hi everybody!

I have a question that perhaps some of you could brainstorm. I’ve partnered with several other team members from my company in an effort to find a way to reduce the number of disposable coffee cups in our office. Here’s an example of what we’re seeing:

Cringeworthy, right?

Our initial idea was to order in some reusable travel mugs that people can take to their local coffee shops. We also want to gamify this initiative by having a leader board displayed in the kitchens where everyone can see who has saved the most money and reduced the most waste (points for every coffee you drink out of your reusable mug, etc.).

We’ve hit some snags:

  • Our company has nearly 200 employees, which can get expensive
  • We don’t have a huge budget to work with
  • We don’t have any cupboard space in our staff kitchens, and 200 travel mugs don’t store nicely

Some alternative ideas we have are:

  • Order reusable lids that can fit on coffee mugs (We already have plenty of those in the office, but people can’t take them outside).
  • Order dishwasher safe branded stickers to put on mugs

I’m wondering if anyone here has tried anything like this before or has any advice they can give me?

Thanks in advance!! :blush:

(Travis King) #2

When I visit the office in Melbourne I notice they have keep cups that they use for their frequent coffee trips. They even sent all the remote staff a branded keep cup a few years ago. Problem is, the Aussies seem to enjoy really small coffees. I wish they were bigger.

(Jess Burnham) #3


We created the Slack Command that allows us to Gamify who gets coffee in a resuable mug (it’s pretty amazing) and a Leaderboard to show who’s participating. Our Senior Leadership team volunteered to donate $10 each ($120 in total) for a coffee gift card to the winner every month.

We are ordering in dishwasher safe stickers that employees can stick on their travel mugs, that way the cost is low, and we can sell the stickers to our customers as well!

That was definitely one of our roadblocks, I add an embarrassing amount of cream to my coffee so I usually need a really large cup :blush: Thanks for your input @travis!

(Travis King) #4

A double-double-double? :smiley:

(Sarah Hawk) #5

Love this solution. Nice work!

Also, thanks for closing the loop on the discussion.