Redesigning our Community using Lithium Studio - anybody familiar with this part of the platform?

(Roisin Kirby) #1

Hey all (long time no see), glad to be back in the swing of things on the Feverbee Community.

We’re in the process of redesigning our Community on Lithium Studio …granted the Community is less than 6 months old but the UX/UI was a little rushed to meet a deadline (we are a Software Support Community and had to meet a product launch deadline).

Can anyone here recommend great Communities they’ve seen designed on Lithium (I’ve checked out Spotify and FitBit)?

OR, does anyone have experience with designing on Lithium Studio? If so I’d love to connect, full of questions and in need of best practice tips. Studio isn’t the friendliest of tools, and while the Lithium Developer Community is excellent I wanted to reach out to a neutral/third-party Community :slight_smile:


(Sarah Hawk) #2

Roisin! Great to hear from you.

@aluciani, @Nikoletta_Harrold, @JasonHill, @Allison_Jones and @brien_hall are all managing communities on Lithium.

@LauraMac, @Todd_Nilson, @Charlotte_Kubler and @Claudius are also fonts of knowledge.

I also have a massive list of communities running Lithium, but it’s hard to know what great design means to you. I really like (and I have a contact there if that’s helpful).

(Angelo Luciani) #3

Hi @roisinkirby - we have recently updated our community site (last week), something you might want to check out -

We had a third party re-skin the site.

If you would like more info let me know and I can send something

Thanks for tagging @HAWK

(Nikoletta Harrold) #4

Agree with @HAWK

These are the lithium communities we looked at for better or for worse that helped us define what we want for our community:

When you are saying you are updating the UI/ UX in studio, do you literally mean you will css and html code the changes or are you speaking on configurations on structure and text editors etc…?

I have done some stuff on the latter but no coding experience for UI/UX in my skill set.

I can share some screenshots privately of our community. it’s going live next week, so I can’t make them public yet. sorry.

(Jason Hill) #5

Good luck with the redesign @roisinkirby.

You might like to check out our Workshop community at for something a little different. It’s early days for us but you might get some ideas.

Other Lithium communities I’d recommend you visit for ideas include Sephora, Spotify, EA, Lego, PlayStation, TalkTalk, Giffgaff, HP, Tellus and Sony UK.


(Claudius Henrichs) #6

Some great examples were shared already. Just to over-inspire you here are some more worth looking at:
Google Advertiser Community:
Samsung Europe Community:
Dr Pierre Ricaud (French, but you should get the idea. Take a look at how the visualize conversations on topic level):
Electronic ARts “Answers HQ”:
Go Pro Support Hub:
Virgin Media UK:

Have fun with the redesign @roisinkirby and in addition to Feverbee don’t forget about the Lithium Community for further UI, dev and best practices. :grin:

Thanks for tagging @HAWK

(Roisin Kirby) #8

Thanks for sharing @HAWK !

I myself am no expert in UX or design, but as a Support Community we want are users to land on the channel and know exactly where they can find / ask question depending on which tool they are using and their goal/roadblock. Here’s where we are at now

We want the experience to consistent with the HubSpot app design, as many of our free users will be directed to the Community when they click ‘HELP’ in-app. Got a great team behind me in designers / developers, but want to make sure we make the most of learnings from others.

As newbies - who aren’t yet ready to pay huge sums for Lithium’s technical training - we’d find it very useful to speak to other Lithium users to find out exactly what can/can’t me done and where there is remit for customization beyond Lithium’s default components.

Really like the look of TalkTalk - if you could put me in touch I would really appreciate it!

(Roisin Kirby) #9

Hey @aluciani thanks for sharing! I like how Accepted Solutions are at the forefront of your homepage - that will be important to us as we are a support community. If you have any tips / insights on how you decided what to feature/prioritise on the homepage that’d be great!

(Roisin Kirby) #10

Hey @Nikoletta_Harrold, I’ll be working with an internal design team at HubSpot to re-skin the sight. If you could share any screenshots you have privately I’d appreciate it, and will of course keep them private myself :slight_smile:

(Roisin Kirby) #11

Great suggestions - thank you! Will certainly check all these out, including your own!

(Roisin Kirby) #12

Niiiiice, there are a few here that I hadn’t realised were hosted on Lithium - super, super helpful thank you @Claudius :slight_smile:

(Nikoletta Harrold) #13

i will DM you some screenshots.

(Sarah Hawk) #14

No worries. I’ll take it to email.