Recommended papers on interface design for maximising engagement?

(Ed Fry) #1

In our community, we’ve been trying different formats of threads to see if one drives more engagement.

In general, the more obvious and exposed the whole question (title and body), answer and participants, the more engagement we see.

Platforms like Facebook, Slack, Twitter etc. do a far better job in their interface at displaying activity than something like a Reddit (or our own site) where you really only see a title, usernames and (on ours) commenters profile pictures. Are you building a “bar” or are you building a “corridor” (similar to the “warrens vs. plazas” discussion in this article)

I’m curious if there are any papers or studies which look into this form of interface design?

For some context, this is going to reflect in a big A/B/C test of the format we’ll display content to our members. (touchwood) next week we’ll be testing:

  • Existing, “list” view (like Reddit)
  • Feed view (like Facebook)
  • Dashboard

(Bo McGuffee) #2

Me too.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

I haven’t come across anything either.

I’m very interested in hearing the results of your test @edfryed