Reasons for high bounce rate in an External Community


(Cathy Liu) #1

I am managing a technical external community. Analyzing the community metrics from Google Analytics, I see the unique pageviews increase, average time spent on page is 00:03:25; however, bounce rate is at 78.54% and % exit is at 58.27%. I am trying to figure out the reasons for super high bounce rate. Any external community managers out there who can provide guidance on how to fix high bounce rate?
Thank you very much!

(Richard Millington) #2

As crazy as it seems, a super high bounce rate on an external community can be a great thing.

e.g. people come via search to solve a problem, read the answer, and leave.

That’s one ticket / call deflected.

So I think you need to break this down a little here. What’s the bounce rate per channel source:

  • search engines
  • referrals
  • other channels etc…

Also look at whether the bounce rate differs by type of landing page (site content > landing pages).

What are the bounce rates by discussions/homepage/other popular areas of the community?

Is it universal across all channels or are there some areas that show a far greater propensity to bounce?

You’re on Jive right?

(Cathy Liu) #3

Thank you so much, Richard, for your prompt response. Yes, we are currently on Jive platform. Will definitely dig deeper into analysis per your suggestion.

(Cathy Liu) #4

Bounce rate from search engine is at 80% bounce rate while referral and social are down to 60%. Discussions and questions are at high 80% while homepage and others are down to 40%. Want to consult other support function external community managers if your discussions/questions forums also witness a high 80% bounce rate. Any ideas on how I can engage with my members more?

Thank you.

(Richard Millington) #5

Ok, so this is potentially good news.

It could mean a lot of members are arriving at the answers they searched for, finding what they wanted, and leaving. If your goal is call deflection/ticket deflection, you might want to start looking at attribution rather than a reduction of this bounce rate.

Indeed, a lower bounce rate might suggest they’re not finding what they want.

However, you probably need a way to validate this. A pop-up survey or feedback mechanism could be pretty useful here.

To ask the annoying question, why do you want to engage with your members more? What is your goal? What do you want members to do?