Ranks - Gamification

Hi Everyone

I am working on naming convention for different levels/reputations in my community. Leaderboard is already set.

Points distribution for different activities are decided. Any links or reference

How did you develop your community names? Tell everyone

Hi Saddam,
not sure you are considering having badges but here a good reference: Stack Overflow https://stackoverflow.com/help/badges

As Stack Overflow describes: badges are awarded for being especially helpful. They are granted in five categories: questions, answers, moderation, participation and others.


Thanks for sharing. Is gamification of the discussion board a good idea? Points or scores can be given for

  1. Contributing in a discussion
  2. Starting a new discussion

Will this help more participation? If yes, then we can move members with higher participation to different roles and also create micro communities through them!
Let me know your thoughts

Honestly, I’d just go with numbers.

Otherwise you end up with bronze, silver, gold, diamond, platinum, super platinum, SUPER DUPER PLATINUM etc… :slight_smile:

This is a good reference, thanks Veratiago. Badges are next on my list once done with setting up ranks.

Points allocation for different activities are already in place so with certain points achievement unlocks you a new level/rank