Rank or badge systems

(Sarah Hawk) #1

Who currently has a rank or badge system in their community?

If yes, are all badges automated or are some awarded at someone’s discretion?
Do you have any kind of reward or prize attached to reaching certain badges or ranks?

Note: Most Lithium, Vanilla or Discourse based communities will utilise the built in badge system, but unless you have either customised it or tie badges to rewards then it’s probably not relevant to my research.

(Nick Emmett) #2

So we have a reputation leaderboard (ranking) system, where people get a nominal couple of points for posting something but then get more points if someone Likes, Replies, Shares or @mentions you. There are currently 6 levels to progress through, although I do believe I have the highest one set a bit too far apart from the previous one so am likely going to adjust that and add another one. I’m currently researching badging as I would like to do it but it’s tricky with our platform (Salesforce)

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Are there benefits or is it simply aimed at stimulating engagement through gamification of rank climbing?

(Nick Emmett) #4

At the minute no real benefits, however it’s on my agenda to begin looking at introducing some kind of benefits or gratitude token. Not fully formed yet in my mind but something’s brewing!

(Nikoletta Harrold) #5

We are just starting out and have configured the lithium badge and rank system as well. You earn badges based on activity and kudos, rank based on point level and return rate to the community. While QA testing I recognized that graphical rank badges look awful from a UI perspective so we are dropping them and keeping them as labels only.

Most of our badges and ranks are earned but I kept some that are appointed like the ones for industry experts and super users. And moderators and authors.

I have not figured out the part beyond leadership board and chasing badges, but I know I will move the top badges into to the barely achievable range for non-regular attendees. That way it will be easy to find my Super Users.

I was told to read this book for ha JFK Atkin beyond badges and ranks. I still have to do it:

What is it that you are researching exactly.

(Travis King) #6

We use a badge system of our own making and the community really seems to dig it. They’re always opening new forum posts when they achieve a new level or get a new badge. We have both automated and assigned badges.

The only reward we have is for our Elite badge after they reach a certain sales level. This comes with a whole bunch of different reward levels.

Sadly we’re having some difficulty incorporating our badges into Discourse, but I’m sure we’ll get something figured out, since the community really likes to show off their achievements.

(Sarah Hawk) #7

I was initially doing some research for Rich around badges in superuser programs (i.e. how many badges are automated and how many are discretionary) when I started discovering that while many communities (esp Lithium based ones) use a badge system, they’re not directly tied to the program itself.

I am curious about whether people have tiered ranking systems which result in community members automatically reaching a ‘superuser’ level and being inducted into a formal program, or whether they are always unrelated.

How so?

(Travis King) #8

We’ve been able to pull the badges across fine, but I don’t really like how they’re being displayed, or the way Discourse handles the user profile page for that matter. Ideally, I’d like the badges visible alongside the user avatar. But we’ll see if our designers agree or if it’s even possible with Discourse.

(Jennifer Filla) #9

Thank you for the book suggestion! Although at 515 pages I’m likely to wait until I’m ready to begin planning for badges. I’m creating a subscription educational community that will launch in March and eventually plan to add badges. I didn’t notice anyone else in this thread talking about “program” achievements for badges as opposed to participation. Anyone else awarding badges for demonstrations of competency or skill?

(Kristen Gastaldo) #10

We have a rank and badge system, with a mix of the huge amount Jive gives you out of the box, as well as some custom ones we’re created.

I don’t hear much feedback about the out of the box ones (reader, curator, etc), but people care about the total of points. There’s a bit of back and forth about who is at the top of the leaderboard. Our custom quests are only powerful I think by the ability to gain some big chunks of points.

As far as recognizing people for their expertise, we have an actual certification and I don’t want to step on those toes, so I just encourage people to add skills to their profile.

(Sarah Hawk) #11

What are the points used for @Kristen_Gastaldo ?

(Kristen Gastaldo) #12

Bragging rights currently. But I use the totals to feature those members or send out swag. I’m planning on doing a Member of the Quarter and Member of the Year - leaning on those metrics for nominees (perhaps). Still working out details. Right now, people just seem to like competing for top spot on the leaderboard!

(MHCommMgr) #13

@jenfilla we have a simple badge system where people achieve stars on their profile pic for posting most often; I think at some point it also may have been hooked up with our best answer feature, but we removed it so I’m not sure how that links up anymore. I guess what I’m trying to say is that we reward people for answering as many posts as possible, by showing them as a top answerer. There is also a top answerer widget that appears on the side that has their names and stars, which I guess is kind of like a leaderboard?

(Rachel McGuigan) #14

I noticed that you are starting to set up in Lithium. We are about to launch as well and found this resource very helpful.
1436481890-Gamification Workbook 07-09-15.pdf (7.5 MB)
default rank structure guide - updated Oct 2015 (3).pdf (390.8 KB)

They have some interesting points in their Gamification Workbook, they have a training in the lithium campus site as well. Happy to connect!

(Nikoletta Harrold) #15

Yes I took the campus course. I found it very elementary. I asctually just removed most of the ranks from our system today. It is causing awful UX oob so we will add them back when we have the money to create and maintain a customized ranking system.