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(Richard Millington) #1

I’d love to get your quick take on community strategies.

How many of you are (honestly) working from a strategy right now? How long is it? How long did it take to create? How successful/useful has it been? Is there a clear community objective?

(Colleen Young) #2

Really good questions. I’ll jump in. Overall answer - yes, but it’s half-baked.

Yes, I wrote a strategy, but I don’t always feel like I’m working “from” it. The goal(s) are front and centre, but I don’t return to adjust the evolution of the tactics.

  • How long is it? - I use the Feverbee template, so it’s 14 pages, but some sections are scant or blank.
  • How long did it take to create? A day and forever (ongoing)
  • How successful/useful has it been? The creation of it was useful for my own thinking, but as I said, we don’t work directly from it as a team. I bring the relevant bits to various team members as pertinent. The various teams use agile/JIRA for platform dev, communications and marketing, etc.
  • Is there a clear community objective? - yes.


Hello @richard_millington

Great question and I have a similar response as @colleenyoung

We have just recently launched the private community (two months ago) and have a strategy in terms of on boarding and how we respond to activity on the site. However, maybe because this is the first time we are working with a community model, we are very much responding to feedback and from activity we see on the site. So even within the first two months, we have adapted our approach and continue to do so.

I would invision, after our beta year, to have a more solid strategy that we work more closely with.

@colleenyoung it would be interesting to hear what aspects are in the strategy you use. Maybe we need to be thinking about certain areas that we have not yet. Although, building the community be listening and seeing seems to be working well.

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Thanks @colleenyoung and @SaraSophieOst, very useful.

Is this an onboarding strategy or onboarding tactics?

Really interesting.

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