Question on measuring Activity metrics

(Suzi Nelson) #1

Hi there!

I’m going through the Communtiy Health Metrics video and have a quick question about measuring activity metrics - specifically, measuring the # of contributions per member. I use a tool called Grytics to get all sorts of data on our community, which is house in a private Facebook group.

  1. I can get the total contributions over time (posts & comments) - for purposes of measureing activity, do I combine both of those as “contributions”?

  2. I’m not sure how to determine average posts per member. I can get average comments per post, but that seems like its lacking some detail. Do I used stratefied sampling for this? I can look up member stats individually, but it takes SO MUCH TIME because Grytics is slow and we have over 10,000 members so the thought of looking up 100+ people individually seems pretty daunting. Any thoughts there?

Thanks guys and apologies if I keep asking dummy questions!

(Sarah Hawk) #2

No such thing!


Can you get the number of monthly contributions, and the number of people active in that same time period?

(Richard Millington) #3

I can’t speak much for Grytics, but for larger groups I wouldn’t definitely try to use a stratified sampling method using the biggest sample you can create.

The bigger the same, the more accurate you will be. Make sure it’s of active members though not total members. The challenge is likely to be how you randomly process these people. 100+ people is a good standard to begin with, if you can’t do that, use 50. But, honestly, the bigger the sample the more accurate the results.

(Richard Millington) #4

or if you have the budget, drop the task on an internal or a virtual assistant to do :slight_smile:

(Bas van Leeuwen) #5

Can’t you just ask the Grytics guys to include this? Feels like it’s a basic metric and quite easy to calculate for them. I’m sure they’d be happy with feedback like this (I know I am always amazed about the stupid little things that we forget to include)

(Richard Millington) #6

Just want to stress, this is the amount of activity per active member.

If you divide it by the total number of members you will get a metric which inevitably decline each month due to the collection of dead accounts.

(Suzi Nelson) #7

I did, they said to just do the math myself… which is fine month to month going foward but i wanted to calculate throughout the life of our community. took some time, but i think i have the numbers now.

(Suzi Nelson) #8

One more clarifying question:

Our members are removed once their membership is cancelled. We keep pretty good track of keeping only people with memebrships in the group. Since this removes the “dead” account factor, should I track the percentage of how many active members there are vs. total members or does that still fall until vanity metrics? Hope that makes sense!

(Bas van Leeuwen) #9

Wow, that’s note very friendly :neutral_face:

I think this again works fine if you calculate it month-over-month, posts-per-paying-member sounds like a valid and useful (albeit different from posts-per-actively-contributing-member) metric to me.
Problem you might encounter is that it’ll be hard to retroactively apply the same metrics, since you lose (?) the information you need.