Question about company names

(Francisco Israel) #1

QUESTION ABOUT COMPANY NAMES! So I am Sales/MKT coach turned digital / social manager. I built the only company that is specialized in Digital communities in Latin America (at least in Chile)
Right now one of my biggest challenge is…What is our name?

So, my coaching Company was called Frismo Consulting. Am I an agency now? a studio?
Shoul my new name be something like:
Frismo Digital?
Frismo Tribe Managers?
Frismo Media Managers?
Frismo Digital Agency?
Frismo Mediagers?
Frismo Digital Consulting?
Other uigestions?

We are improving our webiste / logos BTW after we decide WTH should happen with our name… HELP? =)

(Sarah Hawk) #2

How much of your business do you get via organic search? If it’s high, I’d go for something that clearly communicates what you do. Maybe Frismo Digital and Social, Frismo Social Media, or Frismo Digital Consultants.

(Francisco Israel) #3

Uhm…the way I see it, I have to build the way I want to be found. i have a handfull of clients, mostly low hanging fruit…since that happened, I am building a whole MKT plan. But name and packaging is first.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

I’d go for something simple. Frismo Digital or Frismo Media.

(Piper_Wilson) #5

I agree with @HAWK on the simple name. I think adding a description of what you do to your site will help increase your SEO. I’m not positive, that’s just a thought I had.

I do look forward to hearing how things go for you.


(Francisco Israel) #6

thank you all!!

(Sarah Hawk) #7

Check back in and let us know what you decide! Best of luck.

(Francisco Israel) #8

Off topic: Im kinda not understanding well the usability of this site…Do I get newsletters or smth like it so I can keep connected?

(Sarah Hawk) #9

You will!

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(Sarah Hawk) #10

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