Qualifications for Relief Program

I work for a software development company. Our company is brainstorming ideas for implementing a Relief program. We plan to offer a free trial of our software and leverage our Community to allow such users to access training material and mentor groups that will allow them to learn our software, gain new skills, and build their resume in hopes to find a new job.

This will be a program that is gated and will require users to sign-up and qualify, meaning they must meet certain criteria.

Has anyone implemented such a program and how did you vet registrations?

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Hi Danielle, we tested a “kind of” a mentorship program in the past. Our criteria to vet people were identifying if they were the target persona. In our case, we were targetting experienced developers who were willing to learn new technology and considering a career transition.

We asked about their motivation and the time they had available to commit and dedicate to the program.

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