Pros & cons of Mighty Networks

Hi Community,
I just launched a community on the Mighty Networks platform.
It has a very attractive interface, there is fantastic support for Hosts (ie the community manager/s) and there are a lot of training materials. It also seems very popular and it’s very affordable.
One thing I’m finding challenging is I think it isn’t very intuitive for new members. It’s not clear where to go to get started. The recommendation/ intention is that new members post into the home page activity stream - but that seems like a daunting ask, so I’ve set up a special ‘Chat Room’ group/ channel. Results tbc.
Does anyone here use Mighty Networks? What strategy have you decided for onboarding and group communications?
thanks, Caroline

ps, not only is the home page activity steam daunting, but a lot of the posts are about upcoming events/ recently posted recordings etc. It’s clearly not just a place for chat, so I’m deciding to use the activity stream as a kind of ticker-tape to signal recently updated jumping off points. And to say the Chat Room is where to go to meet and chat with other members.

No answers here yet I see, so I hope no-one minds if I point you to a discussion about this that I am aware of on another site (to help you).

I’ve seen several MN users ask the same question - there seems to be a bit of an issue with the hurdle for new users. I’ve only been a user, not a manager, and I suffered a bit of the same fate TBH.

Check out this topic in the Guild Community Collective (you need to join, but it is free) with some advice and others with experience you could talk to.

(I don’t usually promote alternative networks in places like this, but I know Richard is also a member over there and there are equivalent links back in this direction, so hoping he doesn’t mind)

There is also someone you could speak to about Mighty Networks specifically; Deb Schell over at Find Calm Here: About - Find Calm Here

good luck!

Fantastic thank you Robert, that’s great - will check it out over the next couple of days, very much appreciated