Pros & Cons of Discourse


(Tiffany Lee) #1

Considering a handful of platforms. Recently came across a community using Discourse.

Anyone with experience know drawbacks? Pros?

(Piper_Wilson) #2

Well, this forum is using Discourse, so you’ve already got an idea what it looks like. I think on boarding may be different for each community. I know that Discourse is highly customizable, but I don’t know how to describe those.

Discourse integrates well with WordPress and I enjoy the mobile app. That’s all I’ve got for you. I’m sure the more experienced members will be along shortly. In fact, calling @HAWK.

(Tiffany Lee) #3

Thanks! Didn’t realize this was built on Discourse.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Hi Tiffany,
I can’t be objective because I work on the team that writes Discourse, but I did leave my job here at FeverBee to join that team because I consider Discourse to be the best on the market for almost every use case.

If you have specific questions I’m happy to answer them, either here or on Meta.

If you want to see how Discourse can be customised, here are some different examples:

(Rob Nicholson) #5

I was involved in the launch of Discourse to CAMRA - an organisation of over 190,000 beer drinkers - with the average age been over 50. Before that we had a phpBB system which never really took off. Discourse is already far more successful - the tagging system is a very valuable feature to notify people who may not engage very often, i.e. somebody asks a question and the reply is “@Fred Bloggs might be able to help”.

Main objection appears to be due to the lack of a visible tree structure and categorised approach. But I do agree with the very core aim of Discourse to be as flat as possible. It takes a bit of getting used to but it’s worth the effort.

My main gripe is with this markdown editor that I’m using right now. It still catches people out and I would prefer a WYSIWIG editor - built-on top of markdown of course. I’ve come across a couple of sites that use markdown but have a very simple but functional editor.

And of course, copy & pasting images into post is a doddle.