Promoting a community

(Talitha Hlaka) #1

Hi all,

I am currently working on promotions for two different communities and would like to find the best way of communicating these promotions to members. On the one community, the promotion aims to encourage members to grow their groups by accumulating a specific number of members within a specified time frame - there is an incentive and the promo will be ran within the community.

The 2nd promotion aims to invite members to a community. There is a minimal joining fee on this particular community. Im thinking of doing emailers here so i can clearly introduce the community and add all the necessary info, maybe draft different mailers so to create digestible content? Would probably need to establish a standard joining plan.

Is there some kind of a promotion process that i can follow?


(Sarah Hawk) #2

Great to hear from you Talitha. Interesting question! Calling @Suzi_Nelson into this topic – she’s a digital marketing guru.

Adding this content from your previous post to give context:

I just signed up to your community (I love the site design – very cool) and the first thing I noticed is that there is no link or CTA in your joining email.

That looks like the first and easiest win – a CTA prompting people to click through to a page with details of your promotion.

(Suzi Nelson) #3

Thanks @hawk! Hi Talitha :slight_smile:

I’m not a guru, but I work with people who are! I’ll give an in-depth answer, cause there are lots of important things to address in welcome mails!

Welcome emails are super important, because your member/client/customer/whoever will NEVER be more motivated to click links than right after they sign up for something. It’s the one email they are most likely to actively look for, open, read through, and click those tasty links. We call it the “indoctrination” email because its the most important in getting your members on board with their decision to join.

Here’s some important elements of a great welcome email (though i think some will disagree, as it can make your email long, but like I said, we’ve found that the majority of people are very motivated to read through it all):

  1. Your subject line. Make it clear and straightforward (Welcome to Corrupt Watch! Here’s Where To Start.)

  2. A personal opening. It should be conversational and welcoming (We’re truly excited that you’ve join us…)

  3. State the Benefits. They’ve joined the community - what will they get out of it? What can they expect? Are there regular online/offline events? Cool things that happen they should know about? Do you send them content or exclusive offers? Use this part to connect all the dots for them. Don’t assume they know (or remember) why being a member will be beneficial for them.

  4. The Next Steps. Here would be a good place to put your Call-To-Action. This is what you ask new members to do the thing you want them to do - it that contribute to a particular post? Introduce themselves? Include the link for easy access.

  5. Open a loop. This is optional, but we’ve seen a lot of success in opening a loop - that is, buidling curiosity or giving them another option to click. It’s usually in the form a PS after the welcome email. Something like, “PS, there’s [this really cool thing] happening in the community right now! Click here to check it out.”

The whole goal is to start building that relationship with your member. We’re testing this out in our communities and have seen pretty good results.

I hope this helps!

(Sarah Hawk) #4

This topic about onboarding journeys might also be useful.

We’ve got a little of the promotion track, but I think these email journeys could be tailored to suit your purposes @Tee0812

(Talitha Hlaka) #5

Thanks Hawk, that’s a great idea!

(Talitha Hlaka) #6

Thanks Suzi, it does help a lot. I suppose i can always find a way to keep the content short so it’s not such a heavy read. i’ll try this out and let you know how it went. Thanks again.

(Sarah Hawk) #7

Happy to give feedback on potential ideas if you want to go down that road. :slight_smile: