Product Managers Participating in Community Forums

(Dan Lindblom) #1

Hi - I’m looking for examples/stories where Product Managers are participating in an online community forum. It could be that they help drive/moderate community discussions and/or they are benefiting from the forum for their own uses (like finding advocates for early adoption or beta testing).

(Sarah Hawk) #2

@ale_fattorini @Alexandra_Anna_Bowen @Kristen_Gastaldo do your PMs use the community?

(Alessio Fattorini) #3

Indeed! And they’re deeply involved in it
I think that it’s the key for an effective product-based community. If they’re not involved it’s up to you to show the benefits, for them and for the product

(Nick Emmett) #4

Our PMs are involved in our community also (not all… yet).
The ones that are engaged are in there answering questions, looking for feedback, giving feedback on Ideas submitted and so on.

(Alex Bowen) #5

For us, one of the benefits of being an MVP (or super user) is access to our team, this includes our engineers and PM’s.

So PM’s post about opportunities (beta testing included) in our MVP community. Our MVP community is a private, closed, invite only community. The MVPs also get access to our team to submit feedback and ask questions. We share early release notes and product roadmaps with our MVPs too.

I find that our PMs are busy - so I only bring them in as needed and try to manage that relationship as a community manager.