Product Feedback: Storing and Processing


(Anastasia Znamenskaya) #1

Hi everyone! There’s no doubt about the value of user feedback these days, is there? One thing that isn’t covered anywhere, though, is how to store and process feedback from the community. I work on moderating a Community for a SaaS service, and one of my biggest projects is our Product Feedback section. We’ve come a long way since it was first launched, and we’ve been scaling our processing methods in accordance with the growth of the section. Here’s a basic breakdown of the most up-to-date method:

  1. User posts feedback on our Zendesk community.
  2. I need to remember from memory (or try to find by searching) whether a duplicate exists. If it does, I guide the user to the original and close the post.
  3. If it’s a new request, I add it to a feature backlog. Basically, this is just a list of links to the community. I have other team members helping manage those backlogs. On a monthly basis, these team members review the backlogs and create a text-based report for our Product Team, which includes new features and a top 10 list (all manually updated by sifting through posts on the community and comparing the changes in vote counts).

This isn’t working anymore. We have >1000 requests, no tagging is available on the community (e.g. we’d love to tag by feature), the reports aren’t as informative and easy to read for our product team as we’d like them to be. We now have the ability to include more data and analytics, but it’s near useless and a huge time sink with this format.

In a perfect world, I’d love to somehow integrate the community with… something. Through API, or Zapier (doubt it though. We could then pull in requests from the community, tag them, and have the number of votes dynamically updates, so we wouldn’t need to edit the vote count for 1000 requests each month.

How do others store and process feedback? Are there any tools for this which don’t rely only on their own feedback surveys, but which can be layered onto an existing community? Looking forward to hearing any ideas about this!

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Hi Anastasia,
We managed our product feature timeline natively within our platform using assignments and tagging. What platform are you using?

(Anastasia Znamenskaya) #3

Thanks for the reply, Sarah. We use Zendesk Community which is great for integrating with the Support side of the business, but it doesn’t allow tagging outside of the Knowledge Base and Support module, so we need to carry data over somewhere else to keep it organized.