Probably Repeat Questions about Metrics

(Suzi Nelson) #1

Community Metrics experts, please let me know if I am overthinking this… my brain is hurting!

  1. In Advanced Community Strategy, it’s said that tracking “registered members” (in my case, I assume that means total # of members in the group) is a vanity metric, because that number will always go up and there’s always an issue of dead accounts that dont get removed. Since we are good about removing people who no longer meet our community criterea, is this a number I should go ahead and track for community growth? On the other hand, it WILL always grow, because our marketing team does a kickass job in selling our membership and we’re perfecting our onboarding with emails and physical welcome packets that talk a lot about joining the Facebook group… is total # of members in the group something I should track or does it not really matter?

  2. Critical Mass is defined as 50% - 90% of the growth rate is by community members (via WOM or referral) and 50%-90% of the activity is initiated by the community. Our growth rate at this point is mostly marketing the membership. As I mentioned in another thread, we will be initiating a referral program for the membership itself, which includes the community as the bonus. I guess it’s difficult for me to wrap my head around reaching critical mass if WOM referral really isnt an option for the community itself (I know it does happen because members have told me in private conversation here and there, but there’s no way for me to measure it). What should I track? Does “Critical Mass” have a different definition for my community?

Thanks guys and gals!

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Yup, in your case you should. The course material is trying to make a clear distinction between ‘active members’ (which is an important metric) and ‘total members’ (which on most community platforms is of no relevance). If you cull inactive members, then your total members is the same as your inactive members.

Caveat: if you have people that join the Facebook group but never participate, they’re not really active members. That said, I’m not sure you have a way of distinguishing the difference using Grytics.

Yeah, I think so, because it’s so inherently tied into your product marketing strategy.

(Suzi Nelson) #3

Thank you Sarah! You have been so helpful, I want to send you cookies or something!!

One more question - in the “Measuring Increase Spending” section, it’s said that you should measure the spending of newcomers to you community. If the definition of newcomers in this case any members who have joined the community within a 30 day period?

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Within the period since you last measured (which is generally the last month, yes).

Nah, just keep engaging in the community! That’s the best present.