Private message error - help appreciated


(Sian White) #1

Hi everyone,

Apologies if I’m posting this in the wrong place but I’ve come across an error with private messaging on our community. I am new to my role, so I’m not certain whether it’s something I can fix myself, or if I need to escalate it to our digital agency/developers.

Basically, when clicking through from the email that notifies a user has received a private message, I land on this error page.

No idea what it means or what to do about it!

Any help would be much appreciated.


(Robert McIntosh) #2

It looks like you are either not logged in, or possibly logged in as another user to the one who received the private message - in that case it might show the link as ‘private’

Have you tried logging in and testing the link again?

(Sian White) #3

Ah good spot, @thirstforwine! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

Sadly it doesn’t seem to work - I just asked my colleague to try again, while logged in, but the page defaults to the one you can see with the login button in the top right hand corner.

Hmm. Might be one for our developers then…

(Robert McIntosh) #4

I’ve also noticed that Discourse cleverly takes the link request text that is entered, and if it causes a 404 (not found) error, it loads this page of suggestions, but ALSO pre-completes a search box at the bottom of the page.

In your case, the text says “testing testing” so I assume you were doing some testing (call me psychic) and so it is possible that this is not actually a ‘normal’ link from a private message?

Do you know where the ‘testing testing’ text comes from?

(Sian White) #5

Thanks again @thirstforwine!

‘Testing testing’ was the subject of the message I sent my colleague (I’ve never sent a private message through our community before so was giving it a try!). This is a screenshot of the notification email she received, and she clicked on the ‘visit message’ button.

(Robert McIntosh) #6

OK, what is the actual URL of the ‘Visit Message’ button? It should be something like:

http://[your community]/t/links/123/1

you should compare that the to the URL of the message on the site itself - they should match, in which case it is not the wring reference. On the other hand, your email system might have modified the link

you can PM me if you prefer :slight_smile:

(Sian White) #7

Thanks Robert!


(It also generates a security error, not sure if that’s a separate issue or linked…?)

(Robert McIntosh) #8

I now think that the security error is related

The alert is because it thinks the site name is and the certificate is only looking for - the mismatch creates the conflict - but I am not sure where that is happening

It is possible that there is a setting in your mail set-up that needs tweaked that is creating the error where the URL for the link in an email is slightly different from the actual thread URL

That is something you might want to ask your developers after all

(Sian White) #9

Thanks for the explanation @thirstforwine, it will be really helpful when I try to explain everything to our developers! Really appreciate your time.