Priming a Community Before a Product Launch

Hey everyone,

I’m Gisela, and after 2 years of doing volunteer community work for a local mom group, I ventured into providing community strategy services. I recently onboarded a new client who needs help marketing his new product to his free community.

I need help coming up with ideas to prime the community before a product launch.

I have the whole month of August to prime the community for an upcoming launch in September.

The community is free and open for all to join. It served as a funnel for my client’s paid program which launches 3-4x a year, but this time, the next launch would be next year. So to replace that, he has a new product to launch.

The reason people join the community is to gain access to the free course inside. Right now, there’s not much organization in the free group because most of our efforts are in the paid program.

The free course is about how to get clients as a freelancer even as a newbie with very little experience. It is enough for them to gain clients.

The product is a library of courses. A bit similar to Skillshare where it has a small monthly subscription. The courses inside cover nearly all sorts of virtual services like digital marketing, bookkeeping, and virtual assistance.

So what I’m thinking is setting up a challenge to go through the free course and help them get a quick win which is to get a client. Now from that, I have solved their problem of how to get a client, but this brings on new problems such as, how can they deliver the service that they offered. And then we’ll launch the product and hope they’ll realize it is the solution to their problem.

I have another question. Would it make sense to go through the free course which is freely available in the group? Maybe I have to repackage it if I’ll use it as a challenge.

Thanks for reading this far. I appreciate all your help. :blush:

Hi Gisela,

In my view, its a long shot for you to make the current members go through the free content and get them a new client!

If the community has been built/grown top-down ( understanding member needs and things like that) priming will not be needed, members will signal if they want to pay for something more valuable and you can offer that. Like FeverBee/ CMX or any such that have paid courses and programs.

In you current circumstance, an alternate approach would be to first run a survey of sorts within the community and understand member psyche and perception towards courses that add value before marketing them.

The results of the survey should give you your next steps.