Post-Covid19 Strategies

Related FeverBee article:

I was inspired by the FeverBee article today about the impact of Covid-19 on community participation. One thing that really stood out to me was TomTom, which saw a -30% drop. While that may be expected for a technology company that focused on travel and navigation, I’m wondering what they could have done differently / better to really lean in during these tumultuous times and emerge stronger. For example, off the top of my head:

  • community recommendations for best spots for local day travel that you can visit in your own vehicle
  • they could have ran promos and ads that showed travel with ‘social distancing done right’ (eg. a couple in a wide open forest with no one else around. “Fresh air, no face mask required.”)
  • they could have asked the community for how they safely prep for a trip and tips to avoid crowds

Most of the communities saw a bump in traffic. What are they doing / what are you doing to keep those users reengaged AFTER everyone returns to a life of normalcy?

It’s not often that online communities can shine, and we should be seizing this opportunity.

Honestly, I think there’s nothing they could’ve done (nor do they need to do at this point).

In a lockdown, people are driving less. They’re going to have less questions to ask.

It’ll bounce back to probably within 90% of what it was when this passes. If I could give them any advice it would be to fix the damn navigation and design of their community during this quiet time :slight_smile: