Portraying community growth and engagement

(Shreyas) #1

Hey everyone,

I wanted to know if you had some examples of showing growth & engagement in a community. This could be your own community or some community that you’re a part of, that you think did an amazing job at this.

I stumbled upon this website in the morning. I think it’s amazing because I didn’t realize how big the Wikipedia community was, until I actually checked out the website. I’ve always known that they have an amazing community of volunteers. The website wasn’t even done by Wikipedia.

For social media, I’ve seen people posting "Hey, we just hit x likes/y followers! Thank you for being a part of this journey ", followed by a contest to engage people. Wondering what are some creative ways in which communities has implemented this.

Note: This is more in terms of thanking your community, making them feel involved in the growth and showing them how much the community has grown over time, rather than reporting metrics.