Point system on discourse


(shreya agarwal) #1

Hi all,

I wanted to know various ways of including gamification in my discourse forum. There is built in badge system but it is not efficient. I wanted to introduce a point system like:

1 point for logIn
5 point for Comment, etc.,

As far as I know, it is not possible in discourse but can be done via plugIn. Need guidance for the same or if there is any better way for gamification of community then I would love to hear that as well.


(Richard Millington) #2


Aside - check out the meta.discourse.org site for specific Discourse questions.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Custom badge creation is built into core and does not require a plugin. Are you self hosted or do we host you?

More info here: https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-are-badges/32540

(shreya agarwal) #4

You host us.

(Sarah Hawk) #5

Ok, cool. Your best bet for talking this through is to email us on team@discourse.org