Plotting Out The Moments

(Richard Millington) #1

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Pinching members from existing communities is hard.

When you begin studying your members in detail, you usually learn this is the first community for that topic for most of your members.

The best way to grow a community isn’t to target people who already participate in one. Target the far bigger percentage of people that don’t.

You need to identify moments where you can reach them. An obvious moment is a newcomer who is just getting started. If someone is just getting started golfing, they might want to know what clubs they should buy, how much to spend, where they…

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(Nick Emmett) #2

This is a great read and reminder - it’s also very appropriate if you have a community that’s for your customers, so not necessarily an open community. Find out where the moments are within your customers’ lifecycle and figure out where the touchpoints could be, and what you want to say at each of them. Be clear internally of what value your customer can receive at each step.