Platforms with Dynamic Profile Data right inline in the post?

I’m finding that many of the community platforms are moving to hovercard/rollover stats of usernames to show additional profile data. For product focused communities or healthcare communities like mine it is helpful to have contextual profile information right in the post that dynamically updates and gives the person responding a sense of who their responding to but also for the person receiving a reply context to the person providing them a response.

Does anyone know of any platform that has a responsive design but hasn’t removed profile information or allows you to selectively include it with each person’s post? Hovercards drive me bonkers and signatures aren’t dynamic. We have a large population viewing on mobile so rollover states and hovercards aren’t helpful.

Here is what I envision Generically:

Join Date
number Of Posts
number of Kudos/Correct/Helpful Answers
Other important date
Service Provider/Accessory

Specific to my Community:

Join Date
number of Posts
number of Kudos/Correct/Helpful Answers
Quit Date or Days Quit
Location: State/Country
Addiction type: Vaping/Chewing/Smoking
Quit Method: Cold Turkey/Lozenges/Patches/Prescription/Alternative Medicine/Mutiple
Support type: Tough Love / Compassion

@MarkSchwanke Thank you for posting. We have some folks with technical prowess within the community. I have tagged them here. They should be able to help.

@remah @Jay_Pfaffman @richard_millington can any of you please help with this.

If anyone else has any thoughts on this, please feel free to share them.

You see that much of that is on your card here, right? It’s not hover, but click.

With Discourse, you can customize what’s on that card with a theme component.

I’ll have to look at it on my phone. Thanks! @Jay_Pfaffman

Demographic wise I want there to be as little clicking as possible, that’s why i want it right on the page. Many of my members are aging and want something simple and logical. And for many of them, our community is sometimes the only online community they’ve ever used.

Further to what @Jay_Pfaffman said, you can also add custom user data fields in Discourse. It’s quite common to do so.

If what you want can’t be done in templates, which largely change the user interface, then there are also plug-ins for custom changes focussed more on the server-side.

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The trade-off is having a bunch of cruft showing that keeps people from seeing what’s important.

Then they are unlikely to be trying to type stuff on their phones. No?

They’re using the site on their phones. Over the last 90 days we’ve had 68% of traffic on mobile, 28 on desktop and 3% on tablets and we’re trending up on Mobile after turing off reply by email.


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