Platforms that are friendly for Hebrew and Arabic


(Oren Kesler) #1

Hi there!

We are in the mid of planning a community for an NGO that brings together youth from the ME to talk about issues, solutions, and challenges related to the conflicts in the region.

I’m struggling to find a platform that is languge friendly for Arabic and/or Hebrew. Any ideas?

(Richard Millington) #2

This is a really good question and I have absolutely no idea unfortunately.

Facebook is the typical choice given their resources and reach.

But not sure how good the other vendors are here. Any idea @Roy_Munin ?

(remah) #3

I know that Discourse (which is used here at Feverbee) has supported RTL (Right To Left) languages since its early releases in 2013. By 2015, RTL support was functionally complete and many websites are running in RTL languages despite further features still remaining to be resolved:

  • allowing usernames in local languages - usernames are currently limited to ASCII but there are plans to extend Unicode support to the usernames
  • completing the translation of all strings in the Discourse user interface is mainly done by volunteers - the translated ME languages are currently Turkish 72%, Hebrew 71%, Persian 70%, Arabic 65% as compared with other RTLs like Chinese 90%, Urdu 86%, Korean70%, Taiwanese 67%, Japanese 58%,
  • mixing LTR and RTL languages in the same block of text

Hebrew since 2013:

One of the founding Discourse developers is fluent in Hebrew:

Arabic is supported but the quality of translation may not be that good:

Discourse translations are handled on Transifex so see the progress for yourself:

(Wendy Schippers) #4

Lithium appears to have both languages in the list of Supported Languages.

Languages that Lithium supports

Lithium communities currently support these languages:

Language Code
Albanian sq
Arabic (UAE) ar
Bahasa Indonesian in
Bulgarian bg
Catalan ca
Chinese (Simplified) zh-CN
Chinese (Traditional) zh-TW
Croatian hr
Czech cs
Danish da
Dutch nl
English (UK) en-gb
English (US) en
Finnish fi
French fr
German de
Greek el
Hebrew iw
Hungarian hu
Italian it
Japanese ja
Korean ko
Latvian lt
Malay ms
Norwegian no
Polish pl
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-br
Portuguese (Portugal) pt
Romanian ro
Russian ru
Slovak sk
Spanish (Mexican) es-mx
Spanish (Spain) es
Swedish sv
Thai th
Turkish tr
Ukranian uk
Vietnamese vi

I personally don’t know any brands with these languages on Lithium but I am sure there are some…Lithium has many clients in this region.


(Richard Millington) #5

@lizcrampton - how are you handling multiple languages?

(Oren Kesler) #6

Very helpful! Thank you!

(Oren Kesler) #7

Ill try it! Thank you!!

(Liz Crampton) #8

We support EFIGS (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish) & CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) at Fitbit (on Lithium). We have had a handful of requests to support Hebrew/Arabic but no significant demand… do get in touch @orenkesler if I can be of help!