Platforms, jobs and engagement – 3 month check in

(Sarah Hawk) #1

3 months ago you were working on onboarding your initial members and stimulating engagement @CarlyHulls. How is it all going? Any big wins or challenges?

I was really interested in your proposed idea of a gamified community approach for people who are writing their dissertation @DrKaren. Have you made any progress? Do you have a platform?

Did you get anywhere with your platform and concept decisions @Michael_Kaemingk? Do you have any new challenges since we last heard from you?

How are things with you @Ryan_Kingsland? Have you found a new job? If not, what sort of thing are you looking for?

And @purldator – we haven’t heard from you in a while. :smile: Did you get your Discourse instance up and running? How is that working out for you?

[31 October] What are you working on this week?
(purldator) #2

Unfortunately, not yet. Currently upgrading all my relevant devices to Windows 10 and then going through Powershell to apply some custom “things”.

In the meantime, I have started a notebook for my blog; jot down any topics that come to mind, to write about and note.

It is filling up swiftly. -chuckle-

(Sarah Hawk) #3

An actual in real life notebook? How novel! :simple_wink:
What’s the blog about?

(purldator) #4

Appears to gravitate toward philosophy and psychology: community management, mental illness, the root cause of some mental illness from current societal woes, general self-empowerment/improvement, et al. A colleague will join me for some debates (funny enough, we do call them discourses, heh). And I will be explaining complicated or seemingly convoluted concepts and topics from a more tame and consequently, more humorous bent; I have been told I am very good at doing that.

I have come to understand that writing it down makes it permeate the mind. After doing it I would have to agree with that sentiment. More tactile than keyboards of any ilk.

(Sarah Hawk) #5

Sounds amazing. I’d love to check it out when you’re done. Are you customising Discourse much?

(purldator) #6

I plan to. After doing volunteer tech support on Discourse Meta, I have grown a comfortable familiarity with the CSS structure and how it relates to plugin functionality.

My idea involves tweaking the topics listings (new, unread, ect). I have ideas for plugins, too. I will be teaching myself Ruby, Rails and brush up on my CSS and JavaScript. I am building my dev environment tandem upgrading to Windows 10.

(Carly Hulls) #7

hey @HAWK thanks for checking in, bit late to the party here as I was gasp offline for a month! Community is now launched, with a handful of active members, though participation dropped over the Christmas break. Our challenge now is to keep churning out valuable content and discussions and attract key members. We have tapped our initial invite list and are now looking at strategies to attract more guides. Big Win was that people came! Discussions started! Challenge now is, keeping that goodwill rolling, keeping our topics interesting and getting discussions started by members so my topics aren’t just plastered up there.

(Sarah Hawk) #8

Offline for a month! I don’t know if that sounds amazing or scary.

I’m glad the launch was a success. What is your strategy for stimulating new discussions?

(Carly Hulls) #9

Right now I’m doing a lot of manual outreach - connecting individuals respond to topics and working on how to create quality content that they will engage in. I’m working on setting up a regular email campaign with weekly/fortnightly digest of ‘What’s on in Community’ as I think once the guys are in, they are chatty, but luring them back is the kicker…

(Sarah Hawk) #10

That sounds like a solid approach. Are you able to track the email links so that you can see what works and what doesn’t?

(Carly Hulls) #11

We can from our email platform (Sendgrid) but haven’t gotten a straight integration across from our Vanilla forum to Sendgrid yet so I’m butting heads with tech to find a solution! Really focus now is on creating valuable ongoing content and discussions for these early members, to keep them engaged and interested. Will be pitching attendance at the SPRINT event in London to the boss so I can find out more!!