Platform shortfalls

(Sarah Hawk) #1

Are there aspects of your community platform that you know are are hindrance to your users (eg our lack of notifications here on Drupal)?

If so, what constrains you from fixing them?

(Nick Emmett) #2

At the minute we have an issue where members can't access the Community via the URL, they have to access through what is basically a portal installed in one of our apps on their Salesforce instance.

What's holding us back at the minute is having internal resource available to fix this (along with a mounting list of other things I need taking care). We have people who can do it, they're just working within product at the minute, which is proving to be one of my few blockers.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

That raises another question that interests me, Nick.

How is technical resource allocated within the organisation? Do you have x hours per week/month, or is it prioritised on a project basis?

In my past experience, the allocation of tech resource has been one of the biggest issues affecting successful execution of my job.

(James Tyer) #4

It's not something I can fix, but platforms that don't allow tagging of people (like an @mention) - in order to connect people with conversation (with appropriate notifications) - are frustrating. LinkedIn is one that comes to mind..."conversations" tend to be just streams of unconnected opinions. 

(Sarah Hawk) #5

I completely agree James. It's infuriating not to have that feature these days. I see that vB have just implemented it.

(Nick Emmett) #6

speaking for my company here in Yorkshire, it can vary. Community isn’t one of our core products so for me to get any resource even considered means shouting very loudly from the office rooftop! When it does finally get considered then we use Agile Development which often means the priority is taken from how difficult it will be to complete. number of hours etc get factored in and then we “might” be given a developer who can work on the issue we need. I’m working on getting dedicated resource that works specifically on Community and several linked platforms that we use or will use. It is a real bind though and is a very definite blocker for the majority of the time.

(Sarah Hawk) #7

It’s such a dangerous (but common) cycle to get into. Priorities build up and it’s always the quick wins that get ticked off the list.

I think that regularly allocated dev time should be the norm for any branded community platform these days.