Platform migration guidelines: community aspect

(Josh Mirush) #1


I’ve managed to get a multisite Discourse installation running smoothly (on a $4/month server, by the way).

I’m moving a small community to the new site (same url) and I plan to move a large community in the next days.

Is there a guide to move a community to a new platform. I’ve seen this great comment by @lincoln

  1. Not briefing your entire community on the coming transition in the weeks beforehand. No one likes a surprise when it comes to their community. Highlight some of the positive changes they’re going to see. If there are tradeoffs, talk about those too and why you’re making them. A statement of values here goes a long way to making the transition happier for everyone.

Are there any more points to take into account when migrating a community. I’m looking for the social aspect, not the technical ones.


(Sarah Hawk) #2

Hey Josh,
You’re in luck. I recently wrote this on Meta: