Platform for Q&A and Guest Posts

(Josh Mirush) #1

Hi! I have a Drupal site with a Q&A section. User can also send articles that will be published in another section.

Drupal forums are not the best solution for a Q&A site, so I want to switch to something like Discourse (nodebb or flarum are also being evaluated), but I would like to keep the ability to post articles that are not questions.

Can discourse do this?

I’ve read that the Discourse blog uses Wordpress:
Does this means that Discourse is not good for a blog-like page?

Also, this news page is using an own forked version of Discourse.

I do not have the budget to create a fork of Discourse and I’d prefer to maintain only one platform.

If Discourse cannot be used to create articles that are not questions, is there a good alternative to do it?

(Sarah Hawk) #2

It’s def a more popular option to use WP (which integrates with Discourse for SSO and/or commenting) but people do use it alone as per this topic.

Elektronauts uses heavy customisation which is only available if you self host or get an Enterprise hosting plan (which will fall outside of budget).

I guess the thing to clarify here is what you mean by ‘create articles that are not questions’.
e.g. here is an example of a native Discourse page

(Josh Mirush) #3

Thanks for your example. It shows that Discourse can also be used to post also news or articles.

The key is to create a special tag or an exclusive category.