Pick The Right Platform

(Richard Millington) #1


If you’re going to drive advocacy, pick an advocacy platform.

If you’re going for customer service, pick a customer service platform.

If you’re going for loyalty and retention, pick a platform that helps build a sense of identity and share/document information.

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(Luis Villa) #2

Tying to the conversation about “should we be focusing more on technology”, categorizing some of the options by this (useful!) categorization might be an interesting discussion for this group to have. (Since of course all the vendors claim to hit most of those categories!)

(Nick Emmett) #3

I think sometimes the issue here is that all of these things are goals for different areas of our businesses, perhaps at varying degrees. I guess it becomes a bit of a two-sided battle (the wrong word but it’s what came to the front of my mind) - between the side of the business looking at retention and case deflection and the side of the business looking at win rates and lead generation.

It’s a story in progress here.

(Richard Millington) #4

I agree with this a lot and I don’t have the solution - only to say that generalized platforms probably aren’t going to do as well going forward.

I’m interested in people that use platforms like Influitive alongside other platforms though. That’s an interesting split for me. Curious to see if anyone is doing it well.

(Jose Trigo) #5

Is there a platform like Influitive but focused on B2C Businesses?