Page not found when clicking "Earned 'First Onebox'

(Rob Nicholson) #1

I’m new around here so I’m working my up the badges. Just got “First Onebox” but when I click on this from the notification area, I get a page not found:

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Thanks Rob, I’ll look into that.

Edit: It’s a Discourse bug. That badge isn’t enabled here (I don’t believe that a large number of gratuitous and irrelevant badges have any value!) so I don’t know how you were granted it at all.

I’ll register this. Thanks for the heads up.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Hi @Rob_Nicholson – can you please retry and let me know if this is still an issue?


(Rob Nicholson) #4

Yup same problem I’m afraid. Happens with First Emoji as well.