Our Completely Made Up October 2017 Awards!


(Richard Millington) #1

Hi everyone,

I was playing around with the October community stats and wanted to highlight the top members in the past month.

(Note the awards exclude myself and former staff members with weird accents). The stats also exclude private activity in the training topics / community sites.

Most Loved Award - @luisvilla

The member with the most loves in the last month is @luisvilla - congratulations. If we had a member of the month award, this would be it! -
(A $10 Amazon gift voucher will be winging its way to you.)

Moving Loving Member Award

The member who gave the most love in the last month is @alehandrof
(sadly, he only received 1 love…please send him some love).

Most Reads Award

Ever been kept up late wondering which member read the most posts here in the last month?

Wonder no longer! This award also goes to @luisvilla with a mighty 693 posts. He’s having quite a night.

Most Visits Award

The coveted ‘most visits’ award goes to @bartvb for a courageous 26 visits in the last month.

Just pipping @thirstforwine and @outofthebox.

Top Lurker Award

This prestigious award goes to the members who read the most without needing to participate.

Please congratulate @kerstin as our 2017 October Made Up Lurker Award winner! :slight_smile:

Note that @briankling and @lana_lee were also in the running for this one.

All seriousness, thank you everyone for your contributions both in the public and private areas of this community over the past month. More and more, I hear from people just how valuable some of the smallest, tiniest, peices of expertise and tips you share can be.

Thank you and congratulations to all our Made Up Award Winners.

Community(ish) sci-fi?
(Luis Villa) #2

Hah! I’d like to thank my parents, and… :slight_smile:

Hope I can continue to be useful/constructive as I get back into the swing of community stuff…

(Robert McIntosh) #3

Nice to help with something, even if it is just visitor numbers

Always like to check in to see what is being discussed and to chip in where I can.

Congratulations to the “winners”

(Sarah Hawk) #4


(Alex Armstrong) #5

(Richard Millington) #6

I just doubled your loves!

(Derek Pendrey) #7

Haha going to make @kerstin a “lurker of the month” award here at the office

(Richard Millington) #8

For what it’s worth, I’m pretty happy that someone would read that many posts in one month!

It definitely wasn’t intended negatively :slight_smile:

(Lana Lee) #9

I lurk…therefore, I am!

   (o o)

But I hope to come out of lurking as I continue the rest of the PoC course though! I got sidetracked last time, by work travels…

(southpaw) #10

I’m so stealing this idea!

(Richard Millington) #11

Just had to disqualify you from the lurker award for participating. Sorry @lana_lee

(Lana Lee) #12

…aaannd I fell for it…doggone it!


(Richard Millington) #13

Afraid so. @kerstin is doing very well at not falling for the trap.

…aren’t you @kerstin?

(kerstin wiggins) #14

I go on vacation for a couple of weeks and come back to find out that I’ve won an award? What an honor! :slight_smile: Although the irony is not lost on me that I spend my working days talking to people about how to get more of their members engaged in the community.

Thank you @richard_millington and Feverbee for a wealth of resources and information that inspire me to bring more to my job everyday. My conversations with clients about community goals, objectives and strategy have been much richer and productive because of you. Because of this community and your thought-leadership, the work you do is rippling far and wide.


(kerstin wiggins) #15

Hi @dpendrey87! Ah…the irony of it all :slight_smile:

(Richard Millington) #16

Thanks for that @kerstin I really appreciate it.

However you did just disqualify yourself from this month’s lurker of the month award. Looks like it’s going to @briankling at the moment…