Optimal size groups

(Liz Crampton) #1

Hi everyone,

Theoretical question for you. What have you found to be an optimal size group for engagement in your communities?

For example… Our in-app community has ‘open groups’ about certain topics (created by the org), which members can join as soon as download the app community. After they make friends, their friends can invite them to ‘private groups’ which are member-created groups about whatever they want.

These private groups generally see higher engagement than the open groups do. Do smaller groups always have higher engagement? What’s the optimal size community? And do you need both big and small groups?

There’s now some discussion around removing the ‘open groups’ to base the community solely on these smaller ‘private groups’ as engagement there is higher, and but I think we need interactions based on both one to few and one to many.

Curious to hear what others have to say?