Online Presence and Thread Presence

I’m in the process of a migration and am trying to bring to fruition some functionality we lost in a prior migration from an archaic open-source platform and online presence keeps bubbling to the front of my mind. My members regularly miss knowing their friends and others in general are there and ready to support them in their journey to quit smoking

Having used various platforms through the years(both professionally and for fun) I’ve had some communities indicate whether I am online or not. If the community had an online presence function I was always able to show if I was online or not. It seems some of the spendy platforms don’t have any presence indicators any more and have claimed it being too resource intensive too keep it whereas some of the other platforms still have it. Khoros has it but Jive had abandoned it some time back. On the cheaper side, Vanilla forums has it and it doesn’t seem to cause any resource issues. It doesn’t make sense why the bigger shops have a problem.

I have also seen some platforms that show when someone else is simultaneously creating a reply in the same thread. This prevents multiple people from posting the same content as you’re aware someone else is typing so you can possibly stagger your replies so you don’t both/all post the same thing. I’ve actually held off posting replies when I’ve been on communities where this existed. It was super valuable. Unforutnately I don’t know what platform I was using at the time. Anyone that can help me remember what platforms have figured it out?


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This one. :slight_smile: Discourse has the “Someone is typing…” indicator.