Online Community Platforms

It’s July 2020, and I’d like to know what online community platforms you’d recommend, what’s the most popular today?

I’ll do my own survey of the market and put the results in here.

Hope some of you will respond

Thank you.

Stephen Silk

This one - Discourse. Open source and hosting options just make it so flexible, especially in the hands of a talented development team. A lot of community platforms are either too rigid, too expensive, or both. It really can be styled/branded/applied to just about any business need. Great base UX. Free app. What’s not to like.


Speedy reply, thank you very much Mark, I’ll take a look.


Stephen :smile:

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Do you have any unique requirements or industry focus?

You can search for Community Management platforms by Commsor. They published a fairly big list that’s very expansive, including event and conference tools.

You can also check out Feverbee or CMX; they both offer a list of tools that’s searchable.

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Hi Joel, thanks for your reply,

I’m looking to deliver an online community for a membership organisation.

Want to support collaboration between members, gamification being the key requirement.

Have to provide a online environment so that when a virtual meeting, like a zoom session, finishes, discussion carry on either between members 1:1 or in forums.

I’ll check out your suggestions

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Like Joel mentioned, there are some tools you can rely on to guide you on your survey.

Here some of them:

Community Platforms comparison tool from Feverbee

The Ultimate Community Platform List

The CMX Guide to Community Platforms


As someone who makes his entire living supporting Discourse, I’d say that Discourse is a good choice (you’re using it now!) :wink:

This could help:


The main platforms that are geared towards membership orgs that I’ve either used or know of (off the top of my head) are:

Higher Logic, Zapnito, Breezio, Mobilize, Sengii, Personify and Tradewing. Also one of the orgs I belong to just moved from Higher Logic to Salesforce and it seems pretty good. Of these, the ones that incorporate some sort of virtual event capability are Zapnito, Higher Logic, Mobilize and Breezio.



Thank your your suggestions Maggie

Hi Stephen, I may be biased since I work for the company, but Influitive has a strong focus on gamification, personalization, and rewards.