Online Community News Section

(Josh Wolf) #1

It would be great to see some examples of successful News sections from online communities. Can you please provide some links to give us a sense of what they look like?

(Shreyas) #2

You might want to take a look at Hack Forums News (assuming online forums are still considered as communities) :wink:
Hack Forums is mostly successful because of the number of members in the community & crowdsourced content. The news section has announcements about platform upgrades and changes, change in ownership of groups, site statistics like new members, number of bans issued, user news & highlighting important/useful/valuable threads made by users. They also have general news outside of Hack Forums under World News, Tech News, Security News, Gaming News, Science News, Music News, and Business News.

(Josh Wolf) #3

Thanks! I like the consistent organization into recurring sections, and the transparency around activity is really interesting. Does anyone a sense of whether the Hack Forums approach is common?

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Here are a few more examples

(Peter Staal) #5

@HAWK any idea who is CM for Penn Foster? Would like to connect. Thanks!

(Josh Wolf) #6

Thank you, @HAWK ! I don’t know if it was intentional based on your rigorous analysis of members, but I used to be a molecular biologist and it was fun to see the ThermoFisher community :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #7

I’d love to say it was, but that would be blowing the granularity of my research way out of proportion. :wink:

@Peter_Staal – not personally, but they’re on a Jive implimentation that was done 3 years ago by 7Summits so it’s possible that @Todd_Nilson or @LauraMac might have a contact there.

(Todd Nilson) #8

Both Penn Foster and Thermo were 7Summits implementations. I had some contact with the Penn Foster team but I’m not sure if the same people are over there as that was over a year ago now. I’d be happy to try and help you track that down if you’re sufficiently interested.

(Peter Staal) #9

Hi @Todd_Nilson and @HAWK, I am mostly interested in connecting with a community manager who works as an online community manager for colleges, schools or universities. If you know of another person in this network with that experience that would also be great. If the only person is the Penn Foster connection, your help in setting up communication between us would be greatly appreciated.

(Todd Nilson) #10

Working on a connection for you @Peter_Staal. It has been a while, so I want to make sure it’s a warm intro.

(Sarah Hawk) #11

We have a few members here that fit that bill. I’ll DM you.

(Todd Nilson) #12

Quick update, Peter. I’ve been introduced to the CM for Penn Foster and am checking to make sure she’s open for an intro.

(Peter Staal) #13

Great @Todd_Nilson! Looking forward to hearing back from you/her!