On-boarding resources?

(Gary Eichhorn) #1

Our community is made up of nonprofit after school music program managers. The community is relatively new (9 months old) and we have a number of new members/month. Does anyone have some good resources for creating an on-boarding process?

Thank you

(Joel Rangelle) #2

Congrats on the start of your community!

I think a good onboarding experience will be a mix of online and offline engagement. For eaxmple, you can have pinned topics in your community asking users to introduce themselves through emotional or value-based disclosure exercises (what is the most challenging task faced as a music teacher? What other talents can you share with the group?). You should also engage with them out of the community through an email onboarding process that drips new information, popular topics, and “how to” tips designed for newcomers.

(Alice Mac) #3

This is my favourite onboarding site: https://www.useronboard.com/

I particularly like the teardowns where it dissects other websites’ onboarding process. While it may not have particular resources that will help you (and I imagine you won’t be redesigning your platform to help improve the onboarding), it may help you think about what steps your users will go through during on boarding and what kind of guidance might work well to assist them with this.

(Emily Cowan) #4

Thanks, @alicemac - these are really cool! I used to work for QuickBooks and I really enjoyed watching that particular teardown. So true.