Offline events for national organization | Event Strategy & Tactics


(Doug Agee) #1

I am working on the Event Strategy & Tactics section of Successful Community Management. We are an non-profit volunteer driven conservation organization. Our community is currently live and building with our volunteer leaders now. Our next step will be to open to the general membership.

I am looking to enhance the live meeting model our chapters use now. Our organization has monthly meetings that provide a place for monthly business discussions and usually speakers, but tend to be formal and engage about 5% of the total local membership. These meetings tend to be formal and appeal to the traditional member. You can hear the undertones of “that is how we have always done it”. Well designed events usually attract broader demographics and people who don’t know about our organization. Good examples are chili cook offs and Christmas tree collections.

I am looking for ideas on how others in this community are using offline events to enhance their online community.