% of Community Members vs Product Users

(Lucie Pinto) #1

I’m curious what % of your clientele or group that you are running your Community for are a member of your Community. We have over 40,000 Users that use our Software and 1,680 Members in our Community.

(Suzi Nelson) #2

Hi Lucie!

Our community is a closed community for customers who purchased a specific product. Our ratio is a steady 40% - 50% - that is 50% of the people who purchased the product have joined the community.

At the moment, we get the word out in four ways:

  1. a CTA in the welcome email that goes out as soon as they purchase
  2. a “community” button inside of the product that leads them to the group
  3. we send a physical welcome packet in the mail when people hit the one-month mark (its a monthly membership) that includes several CTAs to join the community
  4. our customer care team includes a CTA to join the group to the bottom of their emails to these customers

In the future, we are working on creating a 90-day email campaign that’s all about onboarding new clients with a strong emphasis on joining the group. We are also looking into including a community CTA at the bottom of all of the invoices we send out.

Hope that gives you some ideas! :smiley:

(Alex Bowen) #3

Hey Lucie,

We have about 200k customers and 2k community members. It’s hard for us to tell our exact number because we have different ways of downloading our product and we have an open source product. So it’s not exact by any means.

So for us? We would be .01%!

When I say community - I mean our community forum.