NY Workshop – connect with other attendees

(Sarah Hawk) #1

If you’re going to be at our Tactical Psychology Workshop in New York next month, feel free to use this thread to ask questions or to connect with other attendees.

(Marjorie Anderson) #2

Hi everyone - I’m Marjorie and I’ll be attending from Philadelphia. Quick question - is there a dress code for this event? Since I’m doing a bit of traveling I want to make sure I dress appropriately. Thanks!

(Barb Hansen) #3

Hi there. I’m attending the New York event in early June. I am looking forward to this event (my first Feverbee community event), and to meeting and learning from the other attendees.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Hey @marjorieandersonpmi – we don’t specify a dress code for these events. People tend to wear smart casual, although jeans would be perfectly appropriate.

(Sarah Hawk) #5

Hey Barb, welcome! How far is the trip from Denver to NY?

(Marjorie Anderson) #6

Perfect. Thanks @HAWK

(Barb Hansen) #7

3.5 hours as the crow (or JetBlue) flys.@HAWK

(Richard Millington) #8

Hey folks, taking this to our private Facebook group.

You should have an invite in your mailbox.