Non-appearance or disappearance of some names at some Discourse /about pages

(Graham Perrin) #1

Maybe a cosmetic bug. shows only two (real) names:

  • Sarah Hawk
  • Phil Betts

It’s as if some of the staff have not bothered to complete their Name field, when truly they have. @Nancy_Kinder for example (a logged in view):


  • was there a FeverBee decision to suppress some names – to prefer display of forenameunderscoresurname usernames – in contexts such as /about?

With attention to accessibility, there’s a parallel topic in Discourse Meta – closed as a duplicate.


Found: Allow site operators to control full name suppression on posts (feature, planned).

Apologies for the noise in FeverBee. Somewhat complicated by disappearance without explanation of a topic, yesterday, about what might have been an overlapping issue.

Please close this topic; and if you like, delist it.

Hidden topic – delisted (unlisted) – listed at the forum home page, visible without registration
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