No-One Is Completely Happy With Their Platform

(Richard Millington) #1

I don’t think I’ve met anyone that hasn’t got a complaint about their community platform.

You don’t have the data you need, integrations you need, features you need, layout or design you want etc…etc…

Over time, these frustrations tend to rise until they prompt a great migration.

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(Xhevair Maskuli) #2

Yeah, this also comes up when there is leadership change and/or the original sponsor of the community leaves and they want to “make there mark” in the organization.

One thing that I think is helpful in deflecting migration talks is having a clear understanding of the reason the community was built, the value it created, and other info to help them "get it."
To be sure, doing and assessments of alternatives is never a bad thing. The key to making the right decision though is to make sure they understand their desired use cases, capabilities and existing benefits of their current platform for comparison.