New Year Community Resolutions?

(Nick Emmett) #1

Happy New Year one and all - hope you had a great festive period.

I was wondering if you were the kind of person that made resolutions? Do you have any this year? Personally and for your communities?

I used to be but tend not to make them now, I generally failed miserably and it was a bit pointless. this year, on a personal level. I’m giving myself an annual challenge - to ext the year lighter than I entered it.

From a Community perspective I’m just beginning to work through what my goals for the year are but I want to try and build some significant growth, which will be a part of it.

What are you planning on for 2017?

(Darren Gough) #2

Happy New Year to you too @Nick_Emmett!

My first resolution is to get rid of this damn flu and cold! Lemsip to the rescue…

One thing I am curious about, in conjunction with goals, is where people see trends going this year? Are there things on your radar you think are going to become more relevant for communities?

(Chris Detzel) #3

@Nick_Emmett Personally I want to finish a marathon under 3 hrs and 20 minutes this year. I’m only running one, so it’s a hit or miss.

I have a lot of goals for our community, as I will list them:

  1. We launched our Community in Germany November 2016, and will push for growth. Also, when we show success in Germany, I believe that other countries will follow.
  2. We should launch our community in France later this month or early next month.
  3. Our North American Community is starting to take off in Canada. Canada has created a rewards program internally to push customers and employees to post and answer questions on the community. The program is focused on digital, and the community is part of the program. We are looking at expanding that program into the new year.
  4. Customer and Employee Rewards and Recognition program - I have a straw-man strategy in place for this, but haven’t got it nailed down. I would like to implement a leaderboard and some specific badges as customers engage with the community.

There are other big initiatives, but these are the big focuses.


(Sarah Hawk) #4

Happy New Year everyone.

Ha! Love this. I might try the same.

At FeverBee we’ve been working on some new tools and resources which will be launched this year, and my main goal is to figure out how this community can enhance and support those.

My primary goal for UXMastery for 2017 is to work on monetization strategies.
We have a healthy and growing community, but we do very little to leverage the audience to return value, and that is something I’d like to explore.

(Shreyas) #5

Happy New Year folks!

We’re currently setting our OKR’s at the company that I just joined. My broad goal would be to keep our community engaged all year long, beyond our conferences.
A pilot project that I would be working on would be to build a community before our conference and engage with them throughout the year.

(Sarah Hawk) #6

I’d be keen to hear more when you get to that point. I’ve tried something similar a couple of times with very mixed results.

(Shreyas) #7

Yeah! There are lots of interesting conversations happening, given that we only started to grow this community on the 2st of Jan. The obvious challenge I see here are to figure out what percentage of these people who participate would buy the tickets to the conference
Anyways ,I’d be blogging about my experience/learning every week(Personal resolution :relaxed:)

(Ciara Beuster) #8

Happy New Year to you all! That’s an awesome goal @Chris_Detzel! I’m hoping to hit 3h30 :slight_smile:

On a community level, we have a few big goals, one of which is to build a micro-site for students (up until now our community has been focused on teachers) so that students from around the world can connect and learn together through virtual dialogue. My goal is to get this up and running successfully by the end of 2017. Also hoping to interact more on Feverbee and continue learning!

May it be a positive and productive year for us all!

(Chris Detzel) #9

Good luck @MsCiaraB! what marathon do you plan on running?

(Sarah Hawk) #10

Love this one. I think it should be everyone’s goal for this year. :wink:

(Ciara Beuster) #11

Either Hamburg or Dublin (maybe even both!). How about you? Best of luck with your training!

(Alessio Fattorini) #12

One of my first personal goals for the year is writing, specifically blog posts :slight_smile:
Any advice?

(Shreyas) #13

Hey @ale_fattorini, that’s awesome!
For me, writing is a goal I’m working towards, but no really a goal for this year specifically- since I started doing this towards the end of last year (but also because I have a history of not sticking to it if I name it my new year resolution-including writing a diary and going to the gym :sweat_smile: )

(Richard Millington) #14

Any reason for writing blog posts?

Is there any specific objective for it?

(Alessio Fattorini) #15

Yes, just a few:

  • improving my writing skills with daily practice
  • share my ideas, readings and experiences
  • make myself known in this space (and my community as well)
  • learn from others, receiving feedback and connect with as many community people as possible.
  • I’ll write about CLSx events too (community leadership summit) so it’s a way to publicize that kind of “movement”

(Lacey Horta) #16

Happy New Year Everyone!

My personal goal for this year is less lurking and more posting here! I am new to the area of community management and find Feverbee to be a very helpful tool.

So far this year I started a group for core members on our online community. I look forward to continuing to foster this group and watch it grow! I have already experienced the positive impact of this group, and look forward to seeing where it could go!

Goals for this year:

Develop new featured content
Introduce more multimedia to the site in the form of video posts
Continue to grow resources in webcast library
Increase presence of the community on Social Media
Collect feedback and explore ways to make navigating the site easier

Looking forward to a new year of learning ahead!


(Sarah Hawk) #17

Yay! I really look forward to hearing more from you. :slight_smile:

(Richard Millington) #18

I also fully support this goal.

Might’ve missed this earlier, what kind of community are you managing?

(Lacey Horta) #19

Hi Richard

Thanks for supporting my goal!!! a community for cancer patients and their families.

(Richard Millington) #20

Ah, yes, you folks are terrific.

Been using you as an example going back 3 to 5 years now!