New to UX and Online Community Development

(Greg Schudel) #1

I am new to UX and Online Community development. My job was web development, but now seems to evolved to UX/GTM/Google Analytics Specialist for a content driven website along with recently added forum.

We just started the new forum and it is slowly dying. Sad thing is, its only been around 3 weeks.

Does anyone know of any guidance, online resources they would recommend to use to help grow my forum? It’s more specifically targeted to medical specialists within the field of medical translational science.

Any help is DEEPLY appreciated, please!

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Hey Greg,
I know I’ve already given you this advice but I want to reiterate.

I’d strongly recommend getting in front of your stakeholders and having a conversation. This sounds like a hospital pass. Someone decided to launch a forum just because, with no research to support it. You can’t build a community if you are not serving a need for your audience.

I’d recommend doing some research to find out what need you can fulfil for your potential audience. What keeps them up at night? What can’t they solve elsewhere?

Community building is deceptively hard. You need the trust of your members, you need a very clear focus, and you need buy in from your organisation.

Maybe start here: