NEW Resource: 3 Tactical Psychology Videos

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On June 6, you’re invited to our Tactical Psychology Workshop in New York.

If you’re not getting the engagement metrics your boss needs, it’s usually not a problem with your website. It’s usually that it’s a headache to pinpoint exactly what motivates your members.

At the workshop you will get to use the top tools and techniques from social sciences in every single activity, communication, or strategy you develop for your community. You will learn to uncover your members’ motivation and align everything you do to match these motivations.

To give you a head-start, I want to share 3 videos that you can use right now to improve your community efforts.

These videos might help you to:

  • Create an inventory of every touchpoint.
  • Understand where to place messages to trigger the right behavior.
  • Select encouragement messages based upon your audience’s values, attitudes, and motivations.

I hope you enjoy them.






If you want to get this training, sign up for our Tactical Psychology Workshop in New York.

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