New Member Guides -- Anyone have samples?

(Tobijohnson Consultant) #1

We've started up a new community and want to develop a short Guide for New Members that details some of the basics and helps them get acclimated quickly and comfortably.  Does anyone have a sample they would share? 

(Ben) #2

We typically do this as a quick-start video tutorial that we segment into smaller pieces so that they can be consumed quickly and in context. Here's a sample of a segment we did for Toastmasters International.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Hi Tobi,
When I was at SitePoint, I set up a 'banner' of orientation information for new users. If you go to (assuming you're not a member) you'll see what I mean.

You then get sent a welcome message which looks like this.

Edit: Ugh, that looks horrific. There is no styling, but you get an idea of the content. If you want to see a better version, contact me and I'll figure something out.

(Bas van Leeuwen) #4

I've always liked Stack Overflow's intro, it manages to be very direct, yet not condescending.

(Tobijohnson Consultant) #5

Thanks, everyone.  Super helpful!