New here - Need some advise with my challenges!

Hey there, Florin here.

I’m new around here so this is in my first message

I’ll share a brief status of my community and my challenges.

I am the Sponsor of The Conqueror Community, a 180k+ strong private Facebook group built mostly by the enthusiasm of the customer of our business - The Conqueror Challenges. We have members all around the world, but mostly from: US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe.

We’ve grown so fast in the last couple of years that we’ve been left behind with some of the teams structure, Community team structure including.

My challenge now is to put in place a sustainable leadership team structure of a couple of high quality and knowledgeable professionals that can take the lead of our current community team and stir the things around our two main directions:

  • 1st - Functional level - High Quality and Timely Moderation - with a Senior Community Moderator role
  • 2nd - Strategy level - Strategy and Activation - with a Strategy and Activation Community Manager role

So, could you advise me what could be some proper platforms/places where I could start recruiting the above mentioned roles?

Roles would ideally be placed in US Eastern Time or Central Time (or Canada, the same time zones) or UK.

Thanks and I’ll be looking forward to your response!

Here’s my community (please take into account that you’ll have to ask for Join and wait for your admission):

Here’s our website:

Hi Florin,

The CMX facebook group could be a good starting point: CMX Hub | Facebook

They have a monthly thread for job ads and they also have a job board on their website: Community Job Board: Find Your Next Role or Post a Listing - CMX

I also like the We Support newsletter:

In this community there’s a discussion thread for job ads: Recruiting Community Folks? Post Your job Ads Here - #41 by chriscatania


Hi Marta,

Thanks a lot for your message.
I will utilize all the resources you’ve shared :slight_smile:

Btw, have you fulfilled the Community role in Canada that you were searching for quite some time ago?

I’ve seen your post on the jobs thread here, in this community, and I was wondering if it was a straight hire or if you had some challenges with finding the right profile to hire.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi Florin,

It was complicated finding the right person and in the end, we hired a person that didn’t t tick all the boxes. I was very focused on finding someone with community management and engagement experience but the organisation was interested in having someone who would also do communication stuff. The final job description and job title changed too much and it didn’t attract the right people in my opinion.

Florin, For Canada, I wonder if your company would qualify to post the job on Charity Village?

@macat Marta, I’m very sorry to hear that about the job position for RareConnect. Its an all-to-common story unfortunately.

Hi @florin . I just requested a Join to be able to best evaluate your needs. I’ll let you know if I have suggestions!!