New Community Team members and Employee Training

(Karlee Andrews) #1

Would anyone be willing to share any training materials that they use for new community team members, or for general employees? Or where to find helpful training materials? Any ideas for best practices? I’m a brand new community manager and I will be training our staff on the community and will be hiring team members soon.

(Nikoletta Harrold) #2

Hi Karlee,

I use the platform vendors training materials (lithium) and the community guidelines, moderator guidelines and employee guidelines that we wrote for our community. I also create short training videos about our platform what a community manager or moderator needs to do and how to do it (step by step). I can share some of these docs if you want, but really it’s your regular documentation that you should have for your community already.

I also always give new moderators and CM’s access to the stage community first and give them a task list of starting new conversation, escalating a support case, banning a user etc…

Hope this helps.

(Karlee Andrews) #3

Thanks Niki!

I love your idea of having them play in stage firs to get a feel for things. When you say Lithium’s training materials, do you just mean the training videos? Our community is hosted on Lithium as well. We are due to launch early 2017!

Also, do you have an outline for step by step moderation tasks? I know what moderators need to do, but I feel like my head is spinning trying to gather and compile everything for launch while at the same time developing the structure of my team.

Thank you!

(Nikoletta Harrold) #4

I wrote a moderation guideline and I will be recording a training video for how to manage escalations and banning. I can share if you want.

And yes, I mean the regular Lithium campus courses for onboarding.

(Richard Millington) #5

Hi @karlee

We have a pretty detailed set of training materials in our community management academy ( which we’ve taken almost 1k community professionals through. Feel free to drop me a line if you like:

Otherwise there is a lot of advice scattered out there. Some of it is tailored to using a specific vendor platform, others is more general about community information.

What kind of community are you launching?

(Sarah Hawk) #6

We have a Moderation Guidelines Template in our Resources section which would give you a framework.

(Karlee Andrews) #7

Oh, great! Thank you Richard! I’ll look into it!

We are a boutique marketplace launching a closed community for our sellers/vendors.

(Karlee Andrews) #8

Awesome, thank you!

(Karlee Andrews) #9

Oh, that would be wonderful! Thank you!

(Nikoletta Harrold) #10

DM me your email @karlee and I will send you copies.

(Duncan Field) #11

Hi Nikoletta,

I’m interested in seeing some of those materials, if the offer still stands!

(Nikoletta Harrold) #12

of course. DM me your email address and I will share.